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Ben Affleck scribbled down friend's phone number after car prang

Ben Affleck made an enemy of a good pal by leaving her telephone number on a note he attached to the windscreen of a car after clipping the vehicle's wing mirror.

The actor/director was left red-faced last weekend (06Oct12) after driving into a parked car in Santa Monica, California.

He waited for the driver of the vehicle to show but as the paparazzi gathered, Affleck decided to leave an apology note instead.

Affleck was caught on camera looking sheepish as he delivered the message, which read, "Hi, Knocked off your mirror! Very sorry! Will cover everything - Ben".

But now he admits the telephone number he left on the scrap of paper was not his.

Appearing on TV talk show Anderson Live on Friday (12Oct12), the Good Will Hunting star revealed, "I left a friend's phone number; she is no longer a friend. She was like, 'Really, you thought it would be fun for me to have, like, 75 calls all day long.'

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