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Austin Mahone launches safe driving campaign and contest

Singer Austin Mahone has thrown his support behind a campaign to promote safe driving by appearing in a public service announcement for the Allstate Foundation.

The What About Love hitmaker teamed up with bosses at the organization earlier this year (14) to launch the #GetThereSafe Challenge, which encourages teens to post pictures of themselves on social media arrive safely at their destinations.

He tells Billboard.com, "I’m fairly new on the road and I wanted to tell teens that it’s cool to not be on your phone when you’re driving because it is very dangerous.

"I know how it is, always wanting to be on Instagram and Twitter, and the car is just not the place for it, because it’s the number one killer of teens in America. I just wanted to send that message to all the teens out there, to let them know that it’s cool to wait until you get where you’re going."

Mahone is also participating in a contest for the campaign, in which participants have the chance to meet the 18 year old. The contest ends on Friday (08Aug14).

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