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Armie Hammer's relaxed outlook down to Cayman Islands upbringing

Armie Hammer credits his relaxed outlook on life with growing up in the Cayman Islands, as the small community taught him to be a "nicer person."

The Social Network star's family moved to the region when the actor was seven years old, and Hammer learned basic survival techniques, as well as picking up vital social skills.

He tells Prestige magazine, "As a kid, I would hop on my bike when I got home from school - that was my mode of transportation. I would have a machete on my hip. I would chop down coconuts, eat mangos and fresh papaya. It was a terrific way to grow up. The island had zero crime. Cops didn't even carry guns. It was just a fun, safe place.

"I honestly think it made me a nicer person. The deal with living on an island is that you can't really afford to be mean to anybody, or be (rude) to anybody because you will see them again. Invariably you will run into them, probably the same day. So I learned to be nice, just take things slow and relax.

"My wife will tell you, I'm very Zen. I like to let things happen without worrying or stressing about them. That's what came from growing up on an island where everything moves on island time."

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