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Ariana Grande still sore over ferry drama

Ariana Grande has still not forgiven bosses of P&O ferries for refusing to let her dogs travel between France and England.

The Problem singer, her mother Joan and half-brother Frankie were caught up in drama when ferry staff in Calais, France refused to let them take their two dogs Toulouse and Sirius aboard the journey to Dover, England last year (15) because they did not have the proper paperwork for the animals.

Ariana blasted employees on Twitter at the time, and she appears to still be seething about the incident as she admits the company will never be right in her eyes.

"P&O never apologised," she told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "That was a rough experience. My dogs are my life, I love my dogs, my babies. I saw it happen in front of my eyes, so any corporation that threatens my dogs' lives is never going to be OK in my book."

Ariana's mother recalled the drama on Twitter, claiming that French immigration officials were rude, threatening to call the police and put the animals down. She later described it as "that time ariana grande's dogs were almost murdered..." and the "worst experience" of her life.

Frankie stayed in France to get the proper paperwork for the dogs in order so Ariana and Joan could travel to England and keep to her tour schedule.

"This was unacceptable," Ariana tweeted at the time. "@poferries pls (please) have your employees treat people /animals w (with) respect. kindness goes a long way.

"The pups were safe and sound thanks to frankie but it was indeed a terrible experience. no animal / human should be treated that way.. ever. don't f**k w (with) my puppies. ever....."

P&O representatives responded with a statement, which read, "We completely understand and sympathise with Ms. Grande's frustration, given her attempts to do the right thing. However, the documents she presented were not valid to bring her pets into the U.K..."

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