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Anna Kendrick cannot understand 'irony' of fame and fashion

Actress Anna Kendrick is baffled by the "great irony" of fame as luxury designers are willing to loan her clothes now she can actually afford them.

The Twilight star recalls her Oscar-nominated breakthrough role in Up in the Air back in 2009, when she was advised to splurge on a pair of designer heels just so she could wear them at the film's premiere.

Anna felt pressured into looking the part of a movie star, even though she could barely cover her rent at the time.

"It's the great irony that once you can afford the shoes, somebody will lend them to you, which is lovely," she said on breakfast show Today. "But at that point, the movie wasn't out yet and nobody really knew who I was and my stylist was like, 'You still have to be wearing the expensive shoes otherwise the world will end,' and kind of talked me into buying these shoes that were more than my rent."

The actress reflects on her early career experiences in her new book of funny personal essays, Scrappy Little Nobody, and Anna, now 31, regrets not taking a stand and ignoring the stylist's pricey advice.

"I was like, 'I think that you think my life has completely changed already and it hasn't. I'm gonna need to wait on that,'" she explained. "But I got sucked into it. A very pathetic moment.

"They weren't even comfortable!" she added.

Anna has since established herself as a big box office draw, thanks in part to the huge success of the Pitch Perfect film franchise, but she recently confessed she had no idea the musical comedy would be so popular.

"When I read the script I was so expecting it to be something I'd seen before," she confessed on news show Sunday Today. "I was just hoping a couple nerds would really like it!"

The 2012 release grossed $115 million worldwide and became the second highest-grossing musical comedy in box office history, behind School of Rock. Its sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, was an even bigger hit, raking in $287 million to steal the title from the Jack Black comedy, and now a third installment is set for release in December, 2017.

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