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Andre 3000 spent six hours a day learning to play the guitar like Hendrix for biopic

Outkast star Andre 3000 spent six hours a day playing the guitar left-handed to perfect his portrayal of rock icon Jimi Hendrix in new movie Jimi: All Is By My Side.

The Ms. Jackson singer plays the late guitar great in the mid-1960s and was determined to look the part, according to producer Danny Bramson.

He tells Billboard magazine, "The idea of anyone playing Hendrix, let alone a right-handed guitarist, was one of the greatest challenges of the project. I found a really patient teacher and put together a regimen for Andre when he came out to Los Angeles. He sat in a small studio, six hours a day.

"His guitarmanship (sic) had to carry the idea of grace and fluidity... He kept working in a rehearsal room throughout the production."

The film will feature a soundtrack of Hendrix covers, performed by Andre 3000, aka Andre Benjamin. The late rocker's estate refused to let the producers use original recordings.

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