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Alicia Vikander mortified after farting on film set

Alicia Vikander was left mortified after she accidentally broke wind while filming a scene for a movie.

The Sweden-born star is fast becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood, featuring in 2015's Ex Machina and nabbing herself a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in The Danish Girl at the Academy Awards in February (16). But Alicia admits that filming movies isn't always glamorous and she's had her fair share of embarrassing moments over her career.

"I was going to give birth in this scene," Alicia smiled in a video for British Vogue, without specifying which movie she was filming the sequence for. "We went for take, and I just went for it, and I farted in take because I pushed so hard!"

Though the 27-year-old was left red-faced by the incident, she likes to view her blunders as learning experiences which can inform her work. Alicia, who wore a chic orange Dior sweater and black Isabel Marant trousers in the clip, adds that she would like to go back in time and tell her teenage self to be less serious when it comes to breaking into the film industry.

"Alicia back then was even more serious with acting and what to do and you know, my dreams. Acting is your own experiences and the best way to learn about life is to do mistakes," she shared.

Alicia, who appears on the cover of the fashion publication's August issue, also opened up about her romance with Michael Fassbender. The brunette star explains she was adamant she would sit next to the Steve Jobs actor at February's Oscars as it was important for her to share that moment with her beau, whom she's been dating since 2014. Though the pair refuses to speak about their relationship, Alicia felt it "wasn't even a question" that they attend the star-studded event together.

"It felt like the right thing. We wanted to sit next to each other, simple as that. We wouldn't have gone there and not sat together," she said.

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