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Prince was a Spice Girls fan

Prince once told the Spice Girls how proud he was of them.

The British five piece rose to fame two decades ago after their smash hit first single Wannabe rocketed up charts across the world. The band was comprised of Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Mel C, and became the biggest group in the world during the '90s. Accordingly, during their years at the top, the popstars experienced plenty of standout moments.

"It never became normal, doing those kind of things, we always really appreciated it," Emma explained to Britain’s Grazia magazine.

"There were so many moments, meeting Madonna, my mom going to get a tattoo with the Red Hot Chili Peppers - bizarre! Prince came to a show and then came backstage and said, 'I've just watched your show, you sang live. I'm so proud of you’. I wish I'd kept a diary, it all went so fast but it was an incredible time."

On Friday (08Jul16), it’s 20 years to the day since the Spice Girls’ debut single came out. To celebrate some of the former bandmates are planning on marking the occasion, though Mel C and fashion designer Victoria have ruled themselves out.

Rumors of a new song are unfounded explains Emma, though the anniversary will definitely be commemorated in some way.

"What happened is that Mel (B) came over from Los Angeles and it was just the perfect opportunity to have a bit of a laugh and reconnect.

"No (there isn’t a song) but I think our fans deserve for us to celebrate in some way with them. Whether that’s having a party or whatever, really. They’ve been so loyal and so committed, just as a thank you."

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