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Alec Baldwin returned to Twitter after learning of online imposters

Alec Baldwin returned to Twitter.com after a month-long hiatus following his airplane drama because he was sick of fake account holders impersonating him.

The 30 Rock star was removed from an American Airlines plane bound for New York last month (Dec11) after he ignored a steward's pleas to turn off his cell phone as the crew prepared for take-off.

Alec Baldwin subsequently apologized for the drama and deactivated his social networking account after posting scathing remarks about the airline following the incident.

He returned to the site earlier this month (Jan12) to wish fans a happy new year, and now he has revealed he resumed 'tweeting' so fans wouldn't be duped into following a fake account.

The star tells Access Hollywood, "There's a lot of people who have different variations (of my account name) - that's very common. I think I (went back) for that reason - I'm so tired of people writing the wrong thing."

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