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Adrienne Bailon open to having kids as a single mother

Singer/actress Adrienne Bailon is open to starting a family on her own if she finds herself single and childless by the time she turns 35.

The former Cheetah Girls star has been in a relationship with record executive Lenny Santiago for the past five years, and although she can see the couple settling down and having kids, she has researched the option of freezing her eggs in case the romance does not work out.

The 31 year old explains, "I really want to get married to start a family and I really don't want to do that before 35, but that's just me...

"I would not mind having a family on my own... If, at a certain age, I have not gotten married yet, my desire is to have children (as a single mother). At some point, if this is my desire... If I'm married to my career and I'm financially stable enough to have all the help that I need, and I have great women and men in my family to be great male figures, I think there's something to be said about a woman in 2014 that if I wanna (sic) have a child, and just because I haven't found the husband, I think I can still have children."

She continues, "I've done the research... I will freeze my eggs... I have no problem freezing my eggs. There are sperm banks (where) you can pick everything and you can find out everything about a man. I kinda know the things I would want, (like) a high IQ score...

"If I wanna have a kid, I can figure it out..."

Bailon insists having a two parent-home is her "absolute first choice", but admits her own childhood experience left much to be desired.

She says, "I don't think I should miss out on the experience of motherhood if I just didn't experience marriage...

"Although I had a two parent home, I didn't see a happy marriage and I think that for me, to have an emotionally fulfilled and happy mom, that's gonna be great for my child."

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