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Adele: Drunk tweeting is a thing of the past

Adele's management team decided to take the reigns of her Twitter account after she posted too many messages when drunk.

The British pop star made a return to music last month (Oct15) after a three-year break to focus on her family after giving birth to her son Angelo in October 2012. She may now be a responsible parent, but in her single days some of the 27-year-old's behavior landed her in trouble with her management, particularly when she would post messages online when inebriated.

"I'm not a drinker any more, but when Twitter first came out, I was drunk tweeting and nearly put my foot in it quite a few times, so my management decided you have to go through two people and then it has to be signed off by someone," she explains in a preview of her Adele at the Bbc special. "But they are all my tweets, no one writes my tweets, they just post them for me."

Adele at the BBC airs on BBC1 on Friday 20 November, the same day her eagerly-anticipated third album 25 hits stores, and it will mark the first time the star has been seen performing her latest single Hello.

While Adele is happy to connect with her fans online, one thing she won't be sharing is pictures of her little boy on social media. Adele and her partner Simon Konecki are notoriously private and are doing all they can to protect their son from the attention that comes with his mother's fame.

The singer recently told Rolling Stone that it was Angelo that inspired her to return to her singing career, and during the TV special she admits she had been torn about whether to re-enter the spotlight or not.

"It was that thing of, do I or don't I want to go back to my music," she explained. "Obviously I do, and I just wanted to make sure that everything was in place for me to do it so I could do it properly. I can't do anything else, this is all that I like doing."

Her fans have welcomed her back with open arms, with Hello smashing video records and selling 1.1 million digital songs in its first week.

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