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Adam Levine in gym trouble

Maroon 5 rocker Adam Levine was left fuming during the band's tour stop in South Korea when he was ordered to leave a gym because of his tattoos.

The musician went for a workout at a fitness center in the country, but he incurred the wrath of conservative staff and was threatened with removal if he didn't cover up his body art.

Levine fumed about the incident in a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, and told fans his jokes fell flat with the gym's managers.

He writes, "They tried to kick me outta the gym in Korea because I had tattoos... I assured them it wasn't a real tiger and it wouldn't harm anyone. They didn't think this was funny. Thank God they didn't see the shark.

"The manager totally stonewalled me. I sang Gangam Style (song by South Korean rapper PS) and did the dance and everything. Silence. The cops didn't like it either."

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