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Actor Nicholas Brendon still struggling with sobriety after booze relapse

Actor Nicholas Brendon has suffered another slip-up in his battle with sobriety.

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star was spotted drinking at a Comic-Con convention in Des Moines, Iowa, in May (16), and now he has come clean to Us Weekly magazine, admitting he's struggling to stay sober.

"Recently, some people have gone to the media saying they saw me drinking at a convention. This is completely true," the 45-year-old writes in a statement. "I was feeling down, went to the hotel bar and ordered a few beers. I'm in the public eye, but I'm just like any person working the program.

"It's minute by minute, day by day, and I've unfortunately stumbled. I'm very happy to say that nothing like the events of last year have occurred, and I am committed to making sure that they never do again."

The 2015 events he mentions include multiple arrests for third-degree robbery, criminal mischief, and public intoxication - all linked to his sobriety battle.

In August (15), Brendon stormed off the Dr. Phil set during an interview with the TV self-help guru and later explained he felt the famous psychologist was too rough on him.

Now Brendon, who spent 90 days in rehab last year (15), insists he's making better judgment calls about his life, while continuing to seek help for his addictions.

"After I returned (from Iowa), I and those helping me deal with my addictions and depression took steps to help me maintain my sobriety," he tells Us Weekly. "At this time, I'm focusing on the positives and each new day that I can face without a drink is a plus for me. For my loved ones and fans, I'm sorry if I've let you down, but all any of us can do is try. I am."

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