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Actor Mike Castle sliced hand open on Clipped set

Actor Mike Castle required emergency medical treatment on the set of Ashley Tisdale's new TV comedy Clipped after slicing open his hand with a pair of hair scissors.

The show features Castle and the former High School Musical actress as part of a group of old school acquaintances who find themselves working together at a barbershop.

The stars use professional tools onset and even get to trim extras' hair for real during filming, but the sharp scissors left Castle with a nasty gash during an unfortunate accident in between scenes.

Tisdale explains, "Mike Castle, who plays AJ, the lead character, he twirls his scissors as his character and we were rehearsing, we weren't even filming, and he was twirling his scissors in the background and he just went to go grab something at the same time and actually cut his hand. It just spread wide open and he had nine stitches."

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