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Actor Matthew Underwood rescues infant from car crash

Former child star Matthew Underwood turned real-life hero after he reportedly rescued a baby from a car crash in Florida last week (ends31Mar17).

The former Zoey 101 star reportedly came to the aid of the four-month-old infant after his mother passed out at the wheel of the car and crashed into a tree. According to TMZ, Underwood removed the tot from his unsecured car seat while his brother called for help.

"I heard a baby cry and that's when I really stopped caring about anything that was going on there," he said. "I immediately ran around the other side of the car and looked for the baby."

The 26-year-old also shot a video of the incident to show to police officers. According to reports, Jessica Hand and John Rodriguez were passed out with heroin syringes in their arms. The couple has reportedly been charged with child neglect and drug possession.

"I hope they (the couple) can get rehabilitated," Underwood adds. "I hope they can wake up and want their child back so much, want their life together, that they'll get clean."

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