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Abigail Breslin injures stuntman

A stuntman working on upcoming thriller Final Girl needed medical treatment last week (ends09Dec12) after actress Abigail Breslin accidentally punched him in the face.

The 16 year old has insisted on performing her own stunts for her role in photographer Tyler Shields' directorial debut, in which she plays a girl who takes on a gang of boys who try to 'initiate' her into their pack.

But production on the set in Canada was halted after Abigail Breslin accidentally knocked out a stuntman during an action scene filmed in a car.

According to TMZ.com, Abigail Breslin's unidentified scene partner had to visit the on-set medical expert, and was left with a black eye.

Abigail Breslin is said to have been "extremely apologetic" for the mistake.

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