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Aaron Paul invited Jake Bugg to perform in his living room

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul enjoyed a private concert in his living room after he invited British singer Jake Bugg to his house.

The actor is a huge fan of the young musician, and asked him to perform an intimate show at his home in California .

Paul was thrilled when Bugg agreed to the gig, and the singer ended up entertaining a small crowd of the actor's friends.

The Emmy winner tells Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson, "​I am a huge fan... I did not know him; I knew his music. My wife and I held a little acoustic night at our house. We heard he was coming into town; and so we just invited him to play and he said he would love to. So he came over and played. It was fun. He is such a young kid with such passion and heart in what he does, he's so brilliant.​

"We do this thing, it's all candle lit and he played in front of the fire. It was just him and a guitar and about thirty close friends; and it was incredible."

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