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50 Cent still hurting over baseball shame

Rapper 50 Cent is still mortified over his baseball pitch humiliation last year (14) and wishes he could erase the infamous image from history.

The In Da Club hitmaker was given the honor of throwing the first ball at the New York Mets' match against the Pittsburgh Pirates but he was left a laughing stock among sports fans when his wayward toss was dubbed "one of the worst first pitches of all time".

He later explained the ball had slipped from his hand at the crucial moment, and now he has opened up about the embarrassing incident, revealing he begged for another try and now wishes the image of him lining up the disastrous throw could be erased.

The hip-hop star tells Q magazine, "I was like, 'Yo, can I do it again?' I ain't going to lie, there was so many people looking at me, it's like, '(What) just happened, man?' I'm trying to throw the ball hard and get a fast strike in front of everybody, then... (it) slips out of your hand.

"They got... baseball cards, collectors' baseball cards, of it. Public domain my (butt), that's my image! That's one of the pictures I would like taken down."

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