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YH AT HOME with Annie & Hayley LeBlanc

05-22-2020 by Katie Marzullo

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The pandemic quarantine has caused some significant downs as well as ups for content creators, putting some opportunities on hold while inspiring some unique new ones. This is definitely something experienced by the talented LeBlanc sisters,Annie and Hayley. On the eve of filming the movie Side Hustle, the quarantine order hit, and the project has been put on hold indefinitely. But that isn't going to stop this creative duo!


Young Hollywood hopped on to Zoom with the sisters (along with two of their biggest fans) to learn more about their virtual series for Nickelodeon, "Group Chat" with Jayden Bartels and also to find out how else they have been keeping themselves occupied during quarantine (spoiler: lots of TikTok recipes)!


We also sought to learn more about their sibling relationship with the Sister Squad Challenge, where we found out which sister is more likely to: start an argument, steal the other's clothes, make the other laugh, stay up late, and much more!


Check out our full interview with Annie & Hayley LeBlanc below and be sure to tune in tomorrow night (May 23) at 8:30pm for the premiere of “Group Chat” on Nickelodeon!