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Zayn Malik moves into high-end fashion with Giuseppe Zanotti

Zayn Malik has partnered with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti to create a pair of biker boots.

The former One Direction singer first ventured into fashion when he created a range of fan merchandise with iconic Iron Maiden illustrator Mark Wilkinson in June (16) and he is already moving into footwear with a new collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti, who he partnered with at Paris Fashion Week in France last year (15)

“Style is not being afraid to be bold about some things, or to say what it is you have to say,” Zayn told GQ.com. “I feel like Giuseppe does that with his collection - and I try to do that with my music. So it kind of works.”

Together they designed a pair of biker boots, which are due to be released next year (17).

Zayn, 23, announced the news himself on Twitter by sharing a picture of his GQ photoshoot and adding in the caption, "#GiuseppexZayn Coming 2017."

Zayn told the website he hopes he can continue to work in fashion and wants to be involved in a number of different projects.

"There's a lot of offers come our way at the minute with different things to do with fashion," he adds. "And hopefully I get to get involved in all of them. I'd love to just continually have a presence, because I feel like it's very heavily tied into music and the image and the fashion, and it's all kind of one thing. So you kinda gotta be in there, I guess.”

The fan merchandise collection Zayn designed features vintage-inspired rock band T-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with Urdu script in honor of his family's Pakistani heritage. The graphic print clothes also feature his name, face and references to his album Mind of Mine.

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