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Watchdog group officials urge Oscars bosses to ban MacFarlane

Officials at family watchdog group the Parents Television Council are petitioning Oscars bosses not to invite Seth Macfarlane back as host - because they didn't approve of his "anti-Semitic" and "sexist" humor.

The funnyman behind hit TV comedy shows American Dad and Family Guy has already tweeted he won't be back after hosting the big night last Sunday (24Feb13), but the PTC wants to make sure he's not even considered for future telecasts.

The watchdogs, who were offended by some of the entertainer's jokes about women, minorities, Christians and Jews during the Oscars, have posted a petition online in a bid let Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences bigwigs know exactly how they feel.

A spokesman for the PTC says, "Seth MacFarlane has built a career on programs that wallow in misogyny and anti-Semitism; jokes about violence against women, rape, paedophilia, incest, and bestiality; and even ridiculing children with disabilities.

"Knowing this, the Academy still chose to invite MacFarlane to host the 2013 Academy Awards."

MacFarlane gave the Oscars ratings a boost this year, but came under fire for his risque humor and gags, which included a song skit about the nominees who have gone topless for movie roles.

He also upset religious groups with a skit featuring Mark Wahlberg and his talking teddy bear character Ted, in which he suggested celebrities had to be Jewish to make it in Hollywood.

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