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Shakira cried while recording Mana song

Latin superstar Shakira struggled to record hit song Mi Verdad with rockers Mana because she was brought to tears by the emotional lyrics.

The Mexican band's frontman Fher Olvera recruited the Hips Don't Lie hitmaker to feature on the track, which he wrote in dedication to his seven-year-old son Dali.

Olvera tells Billboard that Shakira, who is a mother to two boys, cried in the studio because she was so moved by his lyrics.

He says, "She's a great singer and I think this was refreshing to her because it's a return to her roots. She told us the first time she went to the studio to record she couldn't do it because she was so emotional with the song. She had to go a second time and spent two whole days (recording) and the results are fantastic.

"I think she truly identified with the song. She told me, 'I wish I had written it'."

Olvera reveals Shakira broke down in tears again while filming the music video with the band in Spain, adding, "When we filmed the video in Barcelona, she couldn't sing at first because she was crying."

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