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Selena Gomez hunts for ghosts on talk show

Pop star Selena Gomez tested out her favourite ghost-hunting app during an appearance on a chat show on Wednesday (14Oct15).

The 23-year-old beauty, who has previously confessed to using a special app to hunt ghosts down, couldn't resist using her cell phone to detect spooks around the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"I believe in ghosts, so I have a ghost app," the brunette told a surprised-looking Jimmy. "I believe that spirits can tap into technology, why not right?"

As Selena ran the test, Jimmy admitted he was feeling scared and reluctantly looked at the cell phone screen as it showed strange wave formations and random numbers. His unease was only heightened when a sinister voice said the word 'children' just seconds after Selena had opened the app.

"Children...," Selena repeated, before poking fun at Jimmy and members of the audience. "I don't have any children so they must be mad at y'all."

The singer has made no secret of her fascination with the spirit world and recently revealed to Billboard magazine that she uses the phantom app because she enjoys feeling scared.

When Jimmy attempted to make light of the findings, Selena was quick to defend its validity. She regularly scouts locations for other beings and insists the app has previously mentioned people she knew "by name".

During her appearance on the show, Selena also performed her sexy new song Same Old Love, which is taken from her latest album Revival.

Despite carving out a successful career with her sultry voice, the star claims she used to feel "extremely insecure" having such a low tone. "But I realised it's actually an asset to me now," Selena smiled.

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