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Seann William Scott sobbed about drowning scene on set of Just Before I Go

Actor Seann William Scott suffered a panic attack and cried on the set of Courteney Cox's feature directorial debut Just Before I Go after having to shoot a dramatic underwater scene.

The American Pie star had to be weighted down in a water tank for one of the closing sequences in the movie, in which he portrays a suicidal man returning to his hometown to make amends with old friends and family, and it proved too much for him to take.

He says, "My character's underwater and he's sinking, so we had this big, huge tank... and you're supposed to get weighted down and there's a shot of him sinking down, and after one take, I think I went down like, three feet, and I came up and I was crying. I cried in front of Courteney Cox!

"I was like, 'Courteney, I can't do this, I'm so scared! I'm freaking out right now! I don't do stunts! Have you seen the movies I've done?'"

Scott managed to overcome his fear of drowning to continue with the shoot and do "a couple takes", but next time, he plans on calling on a stunt expert to take his place.

He adds, "I'm never gonna do an action film!"

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