Scarlett Johansson Taking Self-Defense Classes To Be Like Her Movie Characters

Scarlett Johansson is beginning to take her role as a movie action woman seriously after realizing she was nowhere near as tough as her onscreen characters.

The actress portrays Black Widow in The Avengers movies and will kick butt in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell, but in real life, she has no idea to take on an attacker.

So Scarlett has signed up for self-defense classes.

"I was giving an interview and the interviewer asked me if I could beat him up in the interview," Scarlett told U.S. late night TV host Seth Meyers on Tuesday (28Mar17). "It was such a weird interview and I was like, 'Right now?'. So yeah, I made a promise to myself that I should not just look like I know how to kick a** but actually be able to."

Her new film, Ghost in the Shell, opens in America on Friday (31Mar17).