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Sarah Hyland 'meant no harm' by Lea Michele impersonation

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has apologised for mocking Glee star Lea Michele's red carpet poses on a recent TV style show, insisting it was all just "fun and games".

Hyland, 20, was a guest commentator on catty Joan Rivers' E!'s Fashion Police programme last week (ends16Sep11) and mimicked Michele's serious behaviour and famous pout at the veteran comedienne's request.

The youngster's imitation drew laughs from Rivers and her co-presenters, but it did not go down well with Glee fans, who launched a bitter attack on Hyland on social networking sites like Twitter.com.

But Hyland claims she was only joking around and meant no harm by her onscreen jibes - because she secretly envies Michele's perfect poses.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday (18Sep11), she tells TV network E!, "They (Glee fans) are very protective over her and I did not mean it in any harm at all. And when Joan Rivers asks you what she looks like on the red carpet, you do it (the imitation)... She's hilarious.

"It was just in jest, that's it... She knows how to work it, she always takes a great picture! It was all fun and games and nothing was meant to be hurtful at all, whatsoever."

And now Hyland is trying to catch up with Michele to clear the air in person.

She says, "I have not seen her here tonight. I wanted to talk to her about it last night, at one of the pre-Emmy parties and I wasn't able to, so I don't know, maybe sometime I'll see her...!"

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