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Rita Ora chastised by mother for nipple slip

Rita Ora's mother has ordered the singer to "start wearing a bra" following an embarrassing onstage wardrobe malfunction earlier this month (Nov12).

The star was performing at a show in London on Wednesday night (07Nov12) when her tight biker jacket came undone and exposed her breast to thousands of fans.

Ora subsequently apologized for the blunder and she has now revealed her mother wasn't happy when she heard what had happened.

She tells British newspaper The Sun, "It was just embarrassing. The same thing happened at Lovebox festival (in London) in the summer so this time I had to call my mom before she saw it online.

"She just said, 'For God's sake! When are going to start wearing a bra, Rita?' I had an outfit and t** tape ready but didn't have time to change."

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