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Redfoo rues tennis defeats

Redfoo has been left regretting his decision to wear basketball shoes while playing tennis after he crashed out of a high-profile tournament.

The LMFAO star is a keen tennis player and decided to test his skills by entering the play-offs for this year's (13) US Open in a bid to win a wild card entry.

The 37-year-old Party Rock Anthem hitmaker got off to a good start in the Northern California Sectional Qualifying Tournament, but on Wednesday (19Jun13), he lost to Scott Gray in the second round at the Chamisal Tennis Club in Salinas, California.

Redfoo visibly struggled during the match as he wore brightly-coloured basketball sneakers instead of proper tennis shoes and fell over several times before a young fan in the crowd offered him a swap.

Micah Erwin, 13, changed shoes with the star so he could continue the game unhindered, but even a new pair of sneakers couldn't bring Redfoo back from the brink of defeat and his lost the match in straight sets 6-2, 6-2.

Speaking afterwards, Redfoo said, "I just missed too many shots... too many errors... I was slipping a little bit in the shoes. I got some new shoes and that was an incredible moment... I wanted to win, I came here to win."

He went on to lose in the mixed doubles contest the next day (20Jun13), but remained positive in spite of the loss: "I say it's a success for me because the journey was so great, and I actually felt good out there."

Redfoo has now flown to Britain to attend the Wimbledon tournament and cheer on his rumoured girlfriend Victoria Azarenka.

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