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Meredith Baxter met her wife during sobriety calls

Meredith Baxter first met her wife over the phone after she sought out a companion to talk about her struggle with sobriety.

The former Family Ties actress tied the knot with contractor Nancy Locke earlier this month (08Dec13), eight years since they first spoke.

Locke tells the New York Times that a pal gave her Baxter's number as she tried to overcome her addiction issues.

While Locke only knew her sober phone friend as 'Meredith', the pair spent the next five months talking on the telephone - before the relationship turned into a romance.

Baxter adds, "I knew she was a contractor and she was gay. She knew nothing about me. My role was that of a listener."

The two finally decided to meet in person for the first time at a Santa Monica, California coffee shop, and Locke was beyond surprised upon learning the woman she had been sharing her deepest feelings with for the past few months was a well-known actress.

Locke explains, "I remember thinking, 'There’s that actress. What’s her name? Meredith Baxter.' As she came towards me I said, 'Wait. You're Meredith?'"

The following year, they began dating, and Baxter publicly came out as a lesbian last year (12).

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