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Lily Allen gets abusive messages after Taylor Swift hack

Pop star Lily Allen has been targeted with a series of abusive cell phone messages after a hacker broke into her pal Taylor Swift's account on Twitter.com.

The Smile hitmaker received text messages claiming to be from a member of the ISIS terror network and threatening to rape and kill her.

She fears her phone number was obtained after Swift's Twitter account was hacked in January (15).

Allen posted an image of the texts to her Instagram.com account on Friday (13Feb15), writing, "Cool i (got a) message from some kid that got my number from hacking Taylor Swifts Twitter (sic)."

The message read, "alright u dont understand im actually a terrorist from isis u dumb b**ch", before going on to threaten to rape and kill the singer.

It is not known if Allen plans to take action over the security breach.

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