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Lil Wayne recovering from shoulder injury

Lil Wayne was in agony on the set of his latest music video after injuring himself while skateboarding.

The hip-hop star makes an appearance in a new promo by rapper French Montana called Pop That, which he shot alongside Drake and Rick Ross over the Memorial Day weekend last month (May12).

However, the shoot proved to be a strenuous one for Lil Wayne as he was nursing a painful shoulder after a nasty skateboarding accident.

Speaking from the video set, he tells AllHipHop.com, "I separated my shoulder like four weeks ago and I didn't go to rehab. You can see the bone sticking out. It hurts..."

The Lollipop hitmaker was so sore, he refused to let any of the scantily-clad models on set touch him.

He adds, "If any of these ladies out here wanted to give me a massage or something I would've let them but (it) is really tender to the touch, I can't even let nobody touch it (sic)."

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