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Lena Dunham sells her dress at charity gala in New York

Lena Dunham raised $3,000 for charity by auctioning off the dress she was wearing at a gala in New York City on Wednesday night (08Oct14).

The Girls star and director Spike Jonze co-hosted the Lowline Anti-Gala at Manhattan's Skylight Modern venue, and she brought in extra cash for the city's first underground park by auctioning off the frock she wore to the event.

Dunham helped design the dress along with Rachel Antonoff, her boyfriend Jack Antonoff's sister, and the gown, decorated with a print of the park project, sold for $3,000, according to Vogue.com.

The actress/writer says of the Lowline scheme, "As a kid, I hated going to the park... That's part of why I want to see the Lowline come to fruition so badly... I grew up in SoHo, and our local playground was full of bullies and dog poop, always a line for a broken swing. As downtown kids, our safe outdoor spaces were few and far between - it was before the West Side Highway had been done up all fancy, so a rare trip to Central or Prospect Park was my only experience of the magic of public green spaces."

Jack Antonoff performed at the event with his band Bleachers.

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