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Lady Gaga's music saved boxer from suicide

Boxer Fes Batista has credited Lady Gaga's music for keeping him alive during a suicidal low in his life.

The 23-year-old Pakistani fighter reveals racial abuse led him to contemplate taking his own life, and only Gaga's songs helped.

He says, "People (were) even calling me a terrorist. I used to stay up crying all night. I was so upset that I got a knife and put it to my neck. I also put it on my wrists and thought, 'I'm going now - I am going to do it.'"

However, just as he was about to take his own life, Lady Gaga's Marry the Night blasted out of his laptop speakers and made him rethink his decision.

He continues, "Right away, I realized that I had problems - my 'night' if you like. And, as Lady Gaga suggested in the song, I married my problem and accepted it. That was the starting process."

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