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Lady Gaga's former manager opens up about split

Lady Gaga's former manager fought back tears as he opened up about the moment the pop star dropped him, just two weeks after the birth of his baby daughter.

News of the singer's split from her longtime representative Troy Carter emerged in November (13), and the dismissal was later put down to "creative differences".

However, the Poker Face star has since fuelled rumours of a rift with Carter by making a number of cryptic comments about "betrayal" in a series of posts on her Littlemonsters.com website.

Carter has now spoken out about the loss of his longtime client, who he had managed since 2007, revealing the news came just days after his wife gave birth to a baby girl and admitting he was hurt by the move.

He tells Fastcompany.com, "It's like you wake up and you work with somebody every day, and then all of a sudden they're not there anymore... I don't think you're ever prepared to sever that deep of a relationship."

The publication reports Carter had to wipe tears from his eyes as he added, "Money doesn't make me tick. This definition of success doesn't make me tick. Managing some of the biggest stars in the world doesn't make me tick. Making my family proud makes me tick... I'm human. I went through every emotion (after the news). You go from fear to sadness."

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