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Kristen Stewart: 'Alec Baldwin is not a bad guy'

Actress Kristen Stewart insists her Still Alice co-star Alec Baldwin does not deserve the angry man reputation he has picked up for his frequent attacks on the media and officials, revealing hew was "just awesome" during the film shoot.

The Departed star has become known for clashing with members of the paparazzi, particularly when they get a little too close for comfort to his family, and he famously had to be escorted off an airplane in 2011 after allegedly becoming belligerent and refusing to turn off his cell phone while preparing for take off.

However, Stewart insists Baldwin is nothing like the grumpy, rude character he comes across as in the press.

She says, "Honestly, he made me so much better in one of my important scenes... He was just so there and present and sweet; he made me good in the movie.

"He's just generous and so funny and awesome. He's intimidating, but he's just the farthest thing from an A-hole (a**hole)... I love the guy."

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