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Kim Kardashian fools fans with Justin Bieber cell tweet

Kim Kardashian fooled fans into voting for her brother Rob on talent show Dancing With The Stars, by pretending the hotline was Justin Bieber's cell phone number.

The socialite has been supporting her younger sibling as he struts his stuff on the hit reality series, and was on the sidelines as he danced the cha-cha on Monday night (24Oct11).

And in a bid to ensure her brother stayed in the contest, Kardashian pretended the number for his phoneline votes belonged to teen idol Bieber.

On her Twitter.com page, she wrote, "OMG I have JustinBieber 's phone # (number)!!!! 800 8683402! CALL HIM! He's taking calls for the next hour!!!!"

The beauty subsequently admitted it was a ruse to get Rob extra votes, adding, "Ok guys obviously I'm joking, that's not Justin's # (number)! But seriously call & vote for RobKardashian."

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