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Jessie J's mother helping recovery from mystery illness

British pop star Jessie J is recovering from a mystery illness with the help of her mother, who flew across the world to tend to her sick daughter.

The Bang Bang hitmaker axed the final three dates of her Australian tour this week (ends22MarMar15) due to an undisclosed medical problem, and she has now taken to Instagram.com to give fans an update on her condition.

Jessie J, who has suffered from a heart problem since she was a child, does not reveal the nature of her illness, but admits her mother flew in from Britain to look after her.

She writes, "I am ok. I'm feeling better. I was really unwell. I have slept a lot. I have watched every series of Homeland in bed. I still have a heart problem. My Mum flew to Australia to be with me. I love my Mum. She has cooked for me every day. And held my hand whilst I've been in pain.

"I'm sorry for all the fans I let down. I f**king hate that my mind is stronger than my body sometimes. I didn't want to cancel shows but a doc told me I had to. I cried a lot. I had to listen. Thank you for all your well wishes. I need them. If I could hug every sick person right now I would. Rest and be well."

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