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Jennifer Lopez wanted to shelve 'exposing' memoir

Superstar Jennifer Lopez almost scrapped plans to release her new autobiography True Love after realizing she had exposed so much of her private life in the book.

The Booty hitmaker admits she initially set out to write a "fan book" filled with behind-the-scenes photos and details about her tour, but she ended up pouring her heart out about her three failed marriages and her highly-publicized broken engagement to Ben Affleck.

Lopez reveals she wanted to pull the memoir from release, but subsequently decided to share the love lessons learned in a bid to help others get over their own heartbreak.

She explains, "It was supposed to be a fan book - anecdotes from the road and pictures, and things like that, but as I started writing it, I realized, like, looking at my music, it was very autobiographical over the years and... I'd just gone through a divorce when I embarked upon this huge journey, and I realized so many things and it was such a growth period for me, and it (the book) turned into something else, about the lessons I learned during that time...

"It took me, like, a year to write it, and then I was like, 'This book will never see the light of day...!' I put so much of my heart and soul into it and didn't realize how exposing it was. It made me feel very vulnerable...

"Although I didn't want to put the book out - it took me a year to decide - I thought, 'Gosh, I wish I would've known these lessons 20 years ago.'"

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