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Jack Osbourne overhauls diet to prevent multiple sclerosis deterioration

Jack Osbourne has cut out dairy, salt and sugar from his diet in a bid to combat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Ozzy Osbourne's son was diagnosed with the neurological condition last year (12), but he is refusing to let the illness rule his life and has overhauled his eating habits to try and reduce the speed of deterioration.

The 27 year old tells Us Weekly magazine, "I've made a lifestyle change, minimising stress, exercising regularly. At the core, MS is inflammation so I try not to eat foods that create it, like dairy and salt. I also cut (out) processed food and sugar."

Jack Osbourne is determined to make the most of his good health while it lasts and has even ignored medics' advice to cut back on his CrossFit core strength exercise regime.

He says, "I still go on hikes and do CrossFit workouts. Doctors tell me, 'You've got to stop this and that', but I'm not going to craft my life according to the disease. I recently did two 12-hour adventure races, and I am planning to do a 24-hour one soon...

"Who knows how long I'm going to feel this good? I might as well jump at every opportunity that comes my way."

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