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Helen Mirren: 'Actors find retirement difficult'

Dame Helen Mirren is convinced many stars struggle to embrace retirement because they can't bear to give up the perks of Hollywood life.

The Oscar winner insists she still has no plans to quit acting even though she is approaching her 68th birthday at the end of the month (26Jul13), and she believes many other stars feel the same way.

Mirren insists many veteran actors continue working well into their twilight years because they can't stand the idea of stepping out of the spotlight.

She tells Britain's Daily Express, "It is hard to let go of our business. It is hard to let go of the creativity involved and the attention you get. You think it doesn't mean anything to you until suddenly you don't get any!

"I like the idea of retiring but I never seem to get any nearer actually to doing it. Maybe I never will. I can't see it happening because I love working too much."

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