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Harry Styles cures fan's panic attack

Pop star Harry Styles came to the rescue when an overwhelmed fan suffered a panic attack at a book signing on Wednesday (10Dec14).

The One Direction star saved the day as the flustered fan suffered a fit of anxiety, by breaking strict security rules and leaping over a barrier to tend to the girl.

An onlooker said Styles was a "proper gentleman" at the London event as he ensured the 'Directioner' had fully recovered.

Styles reportedly hugged the girl for three minutes and she described him as "genuine, kind, loving and caring".

A source tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "It was like a scene from a film. Harry hopped over the railing and ran across to see if she was OK. The girl was in hysterics but the moment he gave her a hug she began to calm down. He was a proper gentleman, taking her in and telling her everything was going to be OK."

The distressed fan later took to Twitter.com to discuss the incident, writing, "Harry broke through the security barrier, despite security not wanting him to hug me. For three minutes we just held each other and said we loved each other. People say never meet your idols but he's exceeded all expectations. Words cannot describe how genuine, kind, loving and caring that boy is. I love him with every single piece of my heart."

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