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Harry Styles breaks bone in foot

Harry Styles has become the second One Direction star to injure his foot after breaking a bone onstage.

Bandmate Niall Horan has been wearing a surgical boot on his right foot since August (15) after suffering a stress fracture in a mystery incident.

''I woke up before the show the other day and I had a pain in my foot," Niall explained to fans during the group's concert in Montreal, Canada in early September (15). "Then I went to get an X-ray today and I've got a fractured right foot and I don't know how."

Harry debuted a similar brace on his right foot as the pop stars attended an event in London on Tuesday (13Oct15), and now he has confessed he hurt himself after slipping onstage in Birmingham, England on Sunday (11Oct15).

"I did mine on stage... just rolled (my foot) and a little snappy (sic) (a bone snapped)", he explains to Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard.

During the chat, Niall also admitted he couldn't wait to ditch the protective brace, saying, "Mine is a just stress fracture that I don't know how it happened. But apparently a stress fracture is worse than (breaking a bone) and apparently you have to be in a cast for nine weeks or something like that. I've been wearing a boot for eight, so I'm sick of it now."

Niall's foot injury occurred months after undergoing knee surgery to correct a long-running health issue in January (15). In July (15), the Irish star, 22, shared a milestone in his progress, when he took to Twitter and wrote, "First time I've been able to touch my a**e with my heel since I got the operation. Sounds so dumb, but it's a big day in my head haahah (sic)!"

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