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Harry Potter swaps his wand for scissors as he shows off his hairstyling skills

Daniel Radcliffe showed off his barbershop skills during an appearance on chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday (29Jul14) when he agreed to give a fan a trim.

The 25 year old was handed electric clippers and asked to give haircutting a go on the street outside comedian Kimmel's Hollywood studio, as part of a skit aimed at keeping the "miserable, sweaty" people of Los Angeles cool during the ongoing California heatwave.

A willing volunteer, who was also called Dan, appeared excited about the prospect of having the Harry Potter star spruce up his look, but Radcliffe was far from confident, explaining, "I'm not known for my haircutting... I've never cut hair before."

Urging his namesake to "stay calm", Radcliffe started trimming and added, "I'm enjoying it as long as Dan here is enjoying it."

After completing one half on the volunteer's head, the actor stepped back and admired his work, stating, "It's definitely a look (but) if I left you as you are now, no one would ever talk to you. I'm not going to do that, I promise."

Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo, who was also a rookie barber, finished off the job, giving student Dan a tidy crop.

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