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Halle Berry shot shoe ad with broken foot

Halle Berry shot a new shoe campaign while hobbling around with a broken foot.

The Oscar winner signed on to front a new Deichmann shoes ad in Germany after wowing her Hollywood pals with the firm's "fashionable comfort" products during her last collaboration with the company, but she fell and injured herself on a film set in Spain just before the scheduled shoot.

She explains, "I broke my foot in Spain right before the last shoot. And actually I did the ad shoot with a broken foot. When I got back home my foot was still as broken as it was the day I broke it. I went into a hard cast and now I'm 100 per cent."

Berry has created the 5th Avenue collection with the footwear firm's designers and she only hopes her latest line is as big a hit among her friends as her last collaboration with the company.

She says, "I gave some of the shoes to some of my friends back in L.A. and one of the greatest compliments that came back was how comfortable the shoes really are. I think that's for women today and how much we are on our feet and how much we walk.

"Having a shoe that's comfortable as well as stylish is just as important as being affordable quite honestly."

And Berry admits she's a big fan of the shoe line: "I wear what's comfortable. I wear sort of seasonal shoes, like the collection now is for fall and winter. So I always try to stay within the season in the country that I'm in. But I go for fashionable comfort."

The new line comes six months after former supermodel Cindy Crawford launched a Deichmann collection earlier this year (12).

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