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Ezra Koenig wanted to quit Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig wanted to quit the band last year (12) and launch a movie career instead.

The singer/guitarist has confessed he felt trapped by the group's success as the rockers prepared to head into a Los Angeles recording studio to begin work on their new album Modern Vampires of the City.

Koenig considered ditching his blossoming music career and starting at the bottom in Hollywood as a writer's assistant, but admits he often dreams of escaping to a new life.

He tells NME magazine, "I met a lot of people who worked in movies and TV. And I thought, 'Well, if I just started out as a writer's assistant, I could start a new job at the very bottom.' And why not? What's permanence in your life? There's a void and the momentum stops.

"I still loved music but I had this weird feeling... But when I say I daydream about going to law school, or becoming a freedom fighter instead, it's not because I'm brave, but because I'm restless. And when I start to feel the walls closing in on me... it depresses me."

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