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Eve praises Frank Ocean for coming out

Eve has heaped praise on R+B star Frank Ocean for 'coming out', insisting he was "ridiculously brave" to open up about his sexuality in an industry where homophobia is widespread.

Ocean announced his homosexuality to his fans last July (12) by posting a blog on his Tumblr.com account, detailing a love affair with a man, and Eve is hopeful more stars will be inspired to follow his brave example.

The Let Me Blow Your Mind hitmaker admits she expected more of a backlash towards Ocean after his revelation and is convinced his positive treatment is an indication of the industry's changing attitude towards gay stars.

She tells Gigwise.com, "Frank Ocean was ridiculously brave, to do what he did, to be true to himself that way. In hip-hop, there are a lot more people that probably should come out.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of people, because it was mostly positive. I was shocked and happy about how people were (towards him) and it made me think maybe things were changing and people are more accepting of things."

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