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Eva Longoria: 'Showbiz is like the Mafia'

Eva Longoria has likened Hollywood to life in the Mafia, insisting once a singer or actor signs up for fame they are never allowed to leave the spotlight.

The Desperate Housewives star admits she accepts scrutiny from fans, onlookers and the media is part of the price she's paid for stardom.

But she feels sorry for fellow celebrities such as Britney Spears because they are not allowed to switch their fame on and off at will.

Longoria tells British magazine OK!, "I felt so bad for Britney Spears in an interview she did. Because you know they've made her crazy. She's making a choice not to be in (the public eye), she's pulled herself out, she's not promoting anything, she's trying to keep it simple and yet they keep pulling her back in.

"It's like the Mafia. They won't let you out! Jessica Simpson is a really good friend of mine and she gets it bad too."

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