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Dylan Walsh: 'I could nip and tuck for real'

Former Nip/Tuck star Dylan Walsh is convinced he could make a decent job of a cosmetic surgery procedure after playing an enhancement expert on the hit drama.

The actor admits he still gets approached by fans, who think he really is a plastic surgeon, and ask him for advice on boob jobs, implants and facelifts - and he doesn't think he'd make a hash of a real nip-and-tuck.

He tells news show Access Hollywood Live, "Generally, men ask me, 'Would you do this to my wife?' and of course my answer is, 'No, no, they don't need any work'.

"But I will say that I did so many surgeries - fake, but there's a realism to it - that I do believe I could perform... They're not that difficult. If you have an anaesthesiologist with you, I could work my way through it."

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