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Drake takes a turn as Bat Mitzvah performer

Drake became a Bat Mitzvah singer on Friday (19Feb16) by performing at a teenage girl's coming-of-age party in New York City.

The rapper, who is half Jewish, took the stage at the upscale Rainbow Room venue in Manhattan to sing his hit Hotline Bling, as well as My Way, his collaboration with Fetty Wap.

Photos and videos of his short gig were posted on social media by a number of guests, who were excitedly singing along with the hip-hop star.

In one video, Drake even goes up to the unnamed 13-year-old girl, who danced and sang along with the star.

This isn't the first time Drake has become a Bat Mitzvah performer - in 2011, he also played a set for the Bar Mitzvah of then-NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker's son.

Drake himself is familiar with the ceremony after having his own Bar Mitzvah as a teen, but in a much more low-key setting.

"I definitely had a bar mitzvah in an Italian restaurant, mind you, a very nice Italian restaurant," he told radio station Hot 97 in 2009. "The song of the night was Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way."

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