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Drake branded 'cheap and ignorant' for wearing fur coat

Animal rights campaigners have blasted rapper Drake for brazenly sporting a fur coat during a trip to London.

The Started From The Bottom hitmaker was in the U.K. with his rumored girlfriend Rihanna for several concerts this week (beg24Mar14) and he was snapped out and about on Wednesday night (26Mar14) wearing the garish jacket.

A representative for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has now slammed the star for his choice of attire, insisting the fur made him look "cheap and ignorant".

She tells WENN, "If he wants to look flash, he'd do well to remember that a dozen or so individuals were killed for that jacket by the cheapest methods available, including crude suffocation, painful genital electrocution, gassing and even poisoning. Wearing fur doesn't just make him look cheap - it also makes him look ignorant of social issues, self-absorbed and oblivious."

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